•  High quality knitted wear, produced with vintage Swiss knitting machines and handmade finish.

  • We offer our own FILODARZO original clothing and design articles.

  • Knitwear for people of all ages, genders and sizes.

  • Natural, ethical and sustainable yarn.

  • Exclusive yarn in 70% CASHMERE-30% SILK, processed and spun in Switzerland, and  dyed by hand in Ticino, Switzerland with natural pigments. See our True colors page.

  • Direct sale in Switzerland and worldwide from our e-Shop.

  • In our Tailor Made, it is possible to have knitted pieces made according to your personal choice of design, size, color and material.

Swiss Dubied vintage machine making material for a sweater.


  •  Maximum research for traceability and ecofriendly raw material.

  •  Strict quality control.

  •  Sanctioned “SWISS MADE” brand.

  •  Respect for all the people involved in every step of each piece of garment’s fabrication.

  •  Respect for nature and the environment.

  •  Fair prices.

Alice is wearing a broad scarf and sweater in cashmere.


In the year 1965, a knitting workshop opened in a small village in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, at the foot of Monte San Giorgio, UNESCO World Heritage site.
They collaborated with fancy boutiques from all over Switzerland. They enjoyed discreet success with clothing considered to be of the best quality.

The knitting factory in Arzo, Switzerland.

51 years later, in 2017, Marie-Jeanne negotiated to take over that business, to save from closing the last of the knitting manufacturing shop in the Ticino territory, from 25 in activity 20 years ago.

FILODARZO is also one of the last two remaining semi-industrial knitting  manufacturing shop in Switzerland.

The skilled ladies of FILODARZO: Angela, Monica, Daniela e Nunzia.


  •  FILODARZO is born from the desire of the new owner to create and wear knitted clothing of her own design, unique and personal in shape, color and material, for casually comfortable, elegant wearing, and human, animal and eco-friendly.

  • Produce knitwear for those who desire the pleasure of wearing beautiful, stylish, hand finished garments, with the highest quality of yarn that the clients can choose according to their taste. Each garment is unique, especially created for every one of us.

  •  We want to continue a quality craft that is disappearing from our region, maintain work places for artisan knitters with years of experience and provide learning opportunities for the younger ones.

Francine is wearing a kimono and pants in merino wool.

We believe in artisan manufacturing, created from the experience of highly competent hands, hearts and minds, with quality eco-friendly material and in total respect of human work.
Today, the majority of clothing confection is industrially produced, with the aim to realize a short life product. Often, this industrialization of the product does not contemplate human rights or protection of the environment.

Olin is wearing an elegant and confortable cotton jacket.


The pleasure of wearing a cherished garment created with passion and care is also a moment of intimacy. We love our clothes, especially the ones of excellent quality that make us feel good and nurture our self- esteem. They give us energy, will always be beautiful, and they make us feel better about ourselves. They define our body and costume our personalities. While they last, they are the discreet witness of the emotional moments of our life.

It is therefore important that they are produced with respect for the environment and the people who care for their creation: folks who care for the cashmere goats or the silk worm; or who grow and harvest cotton and linen; those who spin, process and colorize the raw material; designers and manufacturers of these luxury garments transforming them in precious knitwear. And finally, motivated people who sell them, for those who wear them with pleasure.

The wonderful energy that is given us by a garment manufactured by persons respected for their handiwork and who have the satisfaction of a decent living as a result is an important added value.

Work at the linking machine.



All of what we sell in our e-Shop and the Tailor Made is manufactured by FILODARZO.

Each garment is produced in our workshop in Arzo: it is a high-end product,
manufactured on Swiss vintage knitting machines, artfully crafted and hand finished with great care and know-how by our ladies expert seamstresses-craftswomen-knitters.

We utilize as much as possible ecological, natural and traceable yarn, produced in the greatest respect for human beings, animals and the environment.
Our clientele will enjoy our precise marketing philosophy.

People are happy to spend more for high quality garments that will be beautiful,

eco friendly and wearable for many seasons.

Devi is wearing a fresh linen top.

We offer the highest quality of natural and ethical yarn.


- Beautiful and soft yarn of 70% Mongolian CASHMERE enriched with 30% Chinese SILK 

   processed and spun in Switzerland, hand dyed with natural pigments in Ticino,

   Switzerland .

   See our True colors page for a view of this yarn once knitted.

- The softest Mongolian 100% CASHMERE processed, dyed and  spun in the United


- Soft mulesing-free Australian 100% MERINO WOOL, processed, dyed and spun in Italy,

   certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Your choice: warm, beautiful, always elegant and impeccable, giving the pleasure of wearing a comfortable luxury garment.



- 100% biological LINEN grown in Belgium, processed and spun in Italy and hand dyed in

   Switzerland with natural pigments.

- 100% LINEN grown in Switzerland, processed in Holland and spun in Hungary, for now

   only available in ivory color.

- Beautiful 100% COTTON, spun and dyed in Italy.


Natural dyes are biodegradable and do not cause allergic reactions.

Naturally dyed cashmere-silk drying in the Swiss mountain air.